Friday, February 3, 2012

United Nations Stamp Artist Wendy Wray

Virginia's website reports, "If you are a devoted philatelist or just someone who enjoys owning a collectors item, the United Nations endangered species stamp, designed by local artist Wendy Wray, might be high on your list of guilty pleasures."

According to the article, "Last year, Wray's representative in New York got an exciting offer from the United Nations. The United Nations Postal Administration was looking for an artist to design a set of stamps depicting 12 endangered bird species. Wray was thrilled and honored to get the job."

Wray is quoted as saying, ""The way it was done was Brian Arthur photographed my drawings and then I sent the file to the U.N. for the limited release series. These are not stamps you purchase at your local post office. The only place you can get them is online or at the United Nations office in New York. If you want to actually post a letter with the stamp, it would have to be mailed from the U.N. The stamps are issued in dollars, euros and francs."

Shown above, some of the stamps featuring Wray's artwork.

To order these and other United Nations stamps, click here.

To read the entire article, click here.

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